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School Closure - Science Lessons and Guides

Hello Parents and Students.  In the coming days and weeks, Mrs. Johnson and I will be creating our best approximation of an online science curricula. 

It is a difficult process as we are lab/project based teachers.  Teaching kids science without talking to them during the investigation is essential but not an option right now. 

We are doing our best, so bear with us.

Please revisit my website frequently to find changes and additions.

Instructional Guides

Parents have asked if we can give them a guide as to the topics to be taught the rest of the year.  I will be creating a more streamlined instructional guide for everyone by the end of next week.  Check in next week and I will have links below.

Link to Come

Links to Curriculum

There are two different online curricula that we use in our science classes.  Mystery Science and Stem Scopes.  Mystery Science is for Grades 1 through 5.  Stem Scopes is for Grade 6.  Below are links for each curriculum.  Please click on the links and register for your free access.

Explore the sites.  All the curriculum the curriculum in Mystery Science is organized by grade and topic.  

Assignments, Timelines and Resrouces

Below is a very important link on Mrs. Johnson's web site.  It includes many resources and links to a page for each grade.  We will be planning and collaborating together.  This is where you will get up-to-date information.  Plus you will notice that there is a link for each grade.  I also have these links on this page at the top right.  Please refer to these pages to see the lesson for the week.

School Closure & Science Lessons (All Grades + Kinder)

Turning Work In

One of our biggest challenges is about how to collect work.  Obviously we cannot collect it in person.  Also, most of the worksheets on Mystery Science and Stem Scopes are in pdf format.  This means that they cannot be written on electronically.  We do not want to assume that each family has a printer that can scan docs into a computer.  As for Google Classroom, we will be experimenting with using google forms for assessment.  Please sign up for Google Classroom by grade.

For now, please just collect the work that you can complete and our hope is that we will be able to collect it at a later date.  As we get Google Classroom in full swing, we might be able to make more assignments digital.  Please Stay Posted.

I realize that this is not a very equitable solution.

None of these activities are required; please use your best judgement as parents to make reasonable decisions for your child.

I believe we all share the goal of happy, healthy, and well rounded children

Grade Level Websites

A Grade Level page has been created for each grade.  Also we have created a google classroom for each grade.  Mrs. Johnson and I will be co-collaborators for each grade and classroom.  We are both brand new to Google Classroom, so bear with us as we learn.  We are going to use Google Classroom to turn in some work.  Please click below on the appropriate grade to get further instructions.

There will be instructions on how to sign up for Google Classroom on each page.