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How to Join Google Classrooms

How to join your science google classroom for the first time

If you have not joined your science Google Classroom yet this year:

  1. Open Chrome (or whatever web browser you are using) and be sure you are logged into your account. You can check the small icon in the top right of Chrome to check or change this.  If you don't know this, please e-mail your classroom teacher who can get you both your password and log-in id.
  2. Go to and click Sign In  with your school Google Account (for example, if it asks.
  3. At the top, click Add or "+". Join class.
  4. Enter the class code for your grade (these codes will be posted closer to the start of the school year)

1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade

4th grade

5th grade

6th grade

Kindergarten: I do not teach kinder, but there are other resources on this page which can help.

how to get into google classrooms if you have already signed in at least once this school year:

Be sure your browser is logged into your account (check the round picture in the top right corner of chrome) then log into Clever, or Google Classrooms. All of your Google Classrooms should be listed.

Problems? You MUST be logged into your account.

Try the videos at the far left of this web page, or e-mail your science teacher or classroom teacher.