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Science office hours anD On-line video class times:


We will try to answer any e-mails or google classroom messages in a timely manner during "normal" school days and hours.

Classes (get the links in your science google classroom)

1st grade Mon 11:30-11:45am

2nd grade Mon 12-12:15pm

3rd grade Tue 11:30-11:45am

4th grade Tue 12-12:15pm

5th grade use office hours

6th grade use office hours

These classes are short, but teachers will be available for 15 minutes after class to answer questions. We will try to post recordings afterwards in case you miss class. Links and details are in your science google classroom.

General Office Hours (optional) (get the link in your science google classroom)

Ms Johnson Wen - Fri 11:30 - noon

Mr Waller 

Tues - 4th Grade 11 to 11:30 am

Wed - 3rd Grade 12:30 to 1

Thur - 5th /6th Grade 12:30 to 1

contact us:

Ms Johnson

(you are on my web page)

Mr Waller

Mr Waller's Web Page

help with clever and google classrooms

Parent How-To Guide for Clever

Parent Guide: How-To Use Google Classroom  

Parent How-To Quick Video Guide for Benchmark Universe & Google Classroom

If you don't see the Science Google Classroom when you log into Google Classrooms or Clever:

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your school Google Account. For example, (If you don't know this, please e-mail your classroom teacher)
  2. At the top, click Add or "+". Join class.
  3. Enter the class code for your grade

please contact if you need a class code.

K: I do not teach kinder, but there are other resources on this page which can help.

Online Science Lessons K-6

Note for parents

Please use your best judgement as parents to make reasonable decisions for your child.

I hope these resources help your child continue to learn and be ready for school when things return to "normal". We do many additional activities in class which we are not able to do online. The online learning experience is different than being in school. We will all have to do our best. Ideally, you should help your child with these activities, but don't feel guilty if you can't.

I believe we all share the goal of happy, healthy, and well rounded children. -- Ms. Johnson

this page contains:




Yes, both Mr. Waller and Ms Johnson's students.

1-6th grade work in google classrooms

Assigned student work is in your science google classroom. To get there, first be sure your browser is logged into your account (check the round picture in the top right corner of chrome) then log into Clever, or Google Classrooms.

You MUST be logged into your account.

Problems? Try the videos and other instructions at the bottom far left of this web page, or e-mail your science teacher or classroom teacher.

Is the work assigned in Google Classrooms required?  No.... but.... If your child does no "school type work" they will have a hard time when school resumes; however there are alternate ways to learn. We are providing a number of science activities in the google classroom. We will do our best to be flexible and realize that this situation is different for everyone. If you can't use Google Classroom, or your child can't do all or some of the work, please e-mail your science teacher and contact your child's classroom teacher so we can find a solution. At a minimum please have your child read and do math regularly, encourage them to think and learn about topics that interest them.

How will my child's work be graded? Assignments will be graded on a "done / not done" basis. Science teachers are reviewing all the work that is turned in, and will often comment (privately) on students work to let you know how you are doing. In accordance with district policy, at the end of the year all 1-6th students will receive a grade of "/".

Kindergarten -  Kindergarten students don't normally see the science prep teachers. However; there is some material specifically for Kinder as well as many other activities here than can be adapted for Kinder.

general resources

Mystery Science links will be active until June 30, 2020.

Video suggestions: Magic School Bus (k-4), Bill Nye the Science Guy (3-6), Mythbusters (parent discretion).

FUSD Suggested Activities for Families - a really great page of Activities, Web Sites, and links to useful things like free internet.

Some words of wisdom and suggestions on how to cope with distance learning. from Denise Pope, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education