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Accelerated Reader

2013-2014 A.R. Goal Periods

PERIOD 1   9/23-11/8

PERIOD 2   11/11-1/17

PERIOD 3   1/20-3/7

PERIOD 4   3/10-5/2

To find the reading level or to check if there is a reading quiz for a book go to:

Accelerated Reader Information:   

What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

It is a program used to encourage reading among students. It relies on students reading books on their level. Then, when they are done reading the book, the kids take a test on their comprehension of the story. After the test, the students receive immediate feedback as to how they did.

What is a goal?

During each goal period each child is assigned a goal by their classroom teacher. It is made up of a point goal, a book level goal, and a percentage correct goal.

- The point goal is set by the classroom teacher. The longer and more difficult the book, the more points it is worth.

- The book level goal is set by the classroom teacher. It can be based on a test that is within AR, by previous goals, or by teacher discretion.

- The percentage correct goal is 85% correct for every student and is the standard for Accelerated Reader.

What does my child receive if they meet their goal?

Though the incentive for meeting goals does change, there is regularly a prize for meeting two goals and meeting three goals. For those children who meet all three of their goals, there has been a party taking place during lunch after the goal period ends. For those who meet two goals, there is a separate prize.

What if I have a question about Accelerated Reader, who do I ask?

Each teacher is in charge of their class and it tends to be run slightly different in each class. If you have a question about your child and AR, please talk to your classroom teacher. The librarian can help you with finding books and taking tests, but that is the limit of her involvement.

How does my child take a test?

All the computers at the school can access AR as it is internet based (it is not accessible at home). On many of the computers there is a link or bookmark that the students press to go to the AR site. Once there, they select “Student.” They will be asked for their user name and password. Most of the students’ user name is their first and last name and the last four numbers of their student ID#, no spaces. They also know their password. If you or your child has forgotten their user name, there is a link in blue letters, "Find User Name" , that they can press to find it.

Once you are into the program, click on “Take a Quiz” under the

Accelerated Reader tab. Click on “Take a Reading Practice Quiz” next to the yellow pencil. In the next screen, fill in the appropriate information for the book you want to take a test for. Normally, you only have to enter in the title of the book to find the test (make sure you spell everything correctly). It will then ask you to confirm that it is the book you want and then you can take the test. When the test is done, it will show the results right away.

How can I check progress towards the goal?

To check progress towards a goal, log in and click on “View Goals and Points” under the Accelerated Reader tab. It will then display the goal and progress towards that goal.

How can I find out level a book is?

Many of the books in our library are marked. However, there are many, many more books available to take a test on. To look up the level of a book, go to: You can enter in the title and it will tell you what level the book is. You can also enter in a reading level and the system will provide a list of books at that level. Please be aware that there are over 100,000 tests in the system and they are not all books in our library. So, you can get books at the public library and at the book store and it is very likely there will be a test for that book in the system.

How is the reading level of a book calculated?

The reading level of a book is based on the length and difficulty of the book. It is not based on whether the content is appropriate for that grade. Some more mature books do have lower reading levels due to the writing. Please be aware of this when picking books with your child.